Thrivable is a real-time market research platform. We help patients and solution-makers work together to create the next generation of products and services. Organizations can reach the patients that matter, doing surveys, interviews, and more with results in hours.

As a Sales Account Executive, you will sell Thrivable to health care companies and their agencies. Work hand-in-hand with CEO, COO, and Marketing Lead to win new accounts. This high-intensity role will allow you to build hard-won experience and the potential to grow into a senior leader as the business scales.

We prefer someone within a 3-hour drive of Cleveland, Ohio. We may also consider someone who is fully remote.

As Account Executive, you will:

  • Prospect into large health care companies and their agencies
  • Implement personalized outbound email, phone calls and LinkedIn campaigns to prospective clients, conveying how our solution will help
  • Engage inbound leads, answering questions, deeply understanding their needs, and driving them to a sale or pilot if Thrivable is a good fit
  • Lead demos, answer questions, and cultivate relationships with clients
  • Manage data using HubSpot and other sales automation tools
  • Define pilot success criteria and develop post-pilot implementation plans
  • In the future: training and onboarding other sales representatives

Why you might be excited about Thrivable:

  • We are working to solve a massive problem: to help health care companies get the voice of the patient into every decision.
  • We are small, so you will have a big impact.
  • You will get to work with smart and interesting people.
  • As Thrivable grows, we are committed to helping you grow. We want to build an opportunity engine for everyone in our company.
  • You can work remotely and have a flexible schedule. We don’t micromanage.
  • We can care about work/life balance. We know that bringing your best self to work means having a great life outside of work.
  • We are building a place where we love to work, and to do that, we hire based on our values:
    • Put People First
    • Cultivate Joy
    • Be a Leader
    • Listen to Understand
    • Be Scrappy and Fast
    • Deliver Extraordinary

Why you might be less excited about Thrivable:

  • We are a small company (~10 people). If you like big companies where everything has already been built, now might not be the right time to join the team.
  • We are a startup. Priorities and responsibilities shift regularly to keep up with our evolving business..
  • Our product is in progress. We have an innovative solution, but there are many opportunities for improvement.


Key skills include:

  • 2+ years of high-velocity enterprise sales experience, preferably in SaaS
  • Exceptionally good at building strong relationships
  • Can communicate clearly to diverse audiences
  • Can use a deep understanding of Thrivable to build trust and close sales
  • Have experience with cold outreach strategies
  • Are tech savvy and comfortable using new tools
  • Are driven to deeply understand clients and their needs
  • Have a growth mindset and approach new challenges with enthusiasm
  • Bonus: experience working in a startup environment


We believe in putting our team first. This means:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Health care benefits
  • Stock options so you share in our success
  • 401k match so you can save for a great retirement
  • Generous parental leave policy to support your family

We look forward to hearing from you!