Thrivable is a real-time market research platform. We help patients and companies work together to create the next generation of products and services. Companies can reach the patients that matter, doing surveys, interviews, and more with results in hours.

We are seeking a Product Manager to oversee Thrivable features from conception to launch. You will be responsible for analyzing customer needs, designing features that fill those needs, prioritizing the backlog, and working hand-in-hand with the 10+ person development team to deliver winning solutions. Study the marketplace and delve deep into customer needs to ensure that our development efforts go to the things that matter most. Work hand-in-hand with the CEO, CTO, COO, and departmental teams to marshall the collective wisdom of the organization.

This is a remote role. We are seeking the best candidate regardless of location.

As Product Manager, you will:

  • Deeply understand customer needs
  • Engage with customers, team members, and other stakeholders to cultivate solutions for customer needs.
  • Turn these solutions into well designed user stories with mockups, acceptance criteria, and testing plans.
  • Work with the Product Owners to ensure that the features are developed successfully.
  • Monitor sales and product metrics to identify how our product is performing and can be improved.
  • Study other products in the marketplace to ensure we are always building on the shoulders of giants.
  • Communicate the roadmap and development status to all stakeholders.

Why you might be excited about Thrivable:

  • We are working to solve a massive problem: to help health care companies get the voice of the patient into every decision.
  • We are small, so you will have a big impact.
  • You will get to work with smart and interesting people.
  • As Thrivable grows, we are committed to helping you grow. We want to build an opportunity engine for everyone in our company.
  • You can work remotely and have a flexible schedule. We don’t micromanage.
  • We can care about work/life balance. We know that bringing your best self to work means having a great life outside of work.
  • We are building a place where we love to work, and to do that, we hire based on our values:
    • Put People First
    • Cultivate Joy
    • Be a Leader
    • Listen to Understand
    • Be Scrappy and Fast
    • Deliver Extraordinary

Why you might be less excited about Thrivable:

  • We are a small company (~20 people). If you like big companies where everything has already been built, now might not be the right time to join the team.
  • We are a startup. Priorities and responsibilities shift regularly to keep up with our evolving business..
  • Our product is in progress. We have an innovative solution, but there are many opportunities for improvement.


  • 5+ years of Product Owner or Product Management experience, preferably for a SaaS product
  • Driven to deeply understand clients and their needs
  • Ability to think strategically about a problem from multiple perspectives: the customer, the solution, the market, and the relationship with other priorities.
  • Strong presentation skills (written, visual, and verbal communication)
  • Experience in conducting competitive research and analysis
  • Have a growth mindset and approach new challenges with enthusiasm
  • Bonus: experience working in a startup environment


We believe in putting our team first. This means:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Health care benefits
  • Stock options so you share in our success
  • 401k match so you can save for a great retirement
  • Generous parental leave policy to support your family

We look forward to hearing from you!